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  • Bulls Monster E FS Full Suspension Bosch Fat eBike

    Wide tires, fast, dual suspension – the Monster E FS embodies the concentrated power of a Fat bike with the athletic driving dynamics of a full suspension bike. It’s drive unit consist of a 350W Bosch Performance Line CX perfectly integrated in the bottom bracket shell keeping the center of gravity low. Designed to conquer any aggressive trail the Monster E FS only knows one thing, traction. This new model is powered by a 36V/500Wh powerpack, giving you a significant boost in your range. Top notch components for the suspension, drivetrain, and brakes are always standard on BULLS eBikes. Experience what being in control feels like on a BULLS Monster E FS.

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  • Monster E S Bosch Fat eBike

    The BULLS Monster E S has united all of the innovations that proven successful in the past. An improved Bosch mid-engine offers pedal-assist. An aluminum frame with a tapered headtube and tailored chainstays makes this fat-eBike ready to conquer anything you can get your tires on. Front suspension duties are taken care of by the RockShox Bluto with plenty of clearance so mud doesn’t get stuck between the bridge of the fork and tire. A 100mm fork travel is offered to help get over those bigger obstacles and maintain traction. Thru-axles offer the rider an extra rigid feel, improving the handling. No matter the weather conditions, you can always depend on the 4” Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Snake Skin Tires to drag you through difficult terrain. Whether you are riding on snow, sand or rocks, you can rely on always having a grip on the situation. Learn More

  • Outland OKA

    Through snow, sleet, sand or gravel – the OUTLAND OKA’s quick handling and unrivalled versatility makes every ride an adventure. Learn More

  • Samedi 26 Wild Fat 4 eBike (2021)

    The rebel of the family, the Samedi 26 FAT 4 refuses to be pigeonholed. Its only objective is to explore the world, whether it's icy or hot terrain! Learn More

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  • Surface 604 Boar Hunter Electric Fat Bike (2020)

    The Surface604 Boar Electric Fat Bike is the “Sport Utility” of bikes. The Boar is the one bike that could take you anywhere, in any season. A bike that can let you bring what you want. The Boar is fun to ride and so versatile that the second car would just sit in the driveway collecting dust. Or, even better, the Boar can replace the car altogether. Learn More

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