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Riese & Muller Delite Full Suspension eBike

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This E-Bike wants to go touring. In the mountains. In the city. Either way, it's got to be sporty. To ensure optimum handling for any body height, there are three frame heights and 27.5” wheels. The pedal assistance of up to 300% is provided by the powerful Bosch Performance drive, which transfers the power perfectly to the road through sophisticated sensor technology. And all this with superb traction, thanks to Control Technology with full suspension. Go your own way. Your Delite will love you for it.

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From: $8,469.00



The Delite.
There’s only one way: the race to the front.

This E-Bike wants to go touring. In the mountains. In the city. Either way, it's got to be sporty. To ensure optimum handling for any body height, there are three frame heights and 27.5” wheels. The pedal assistance of up to 300% is provided by the powerful Bosch Performance drive, which transfers the power perfectly to the road through sophisticated sensor technology. And all this with superb traction, thanks to Control Technology with full suspension. Go your own way. Your Delite will love you for it.

The R&M Delite is available in five models: Touring, Nuvinci, GT Touring, GT Nuvinci & GX Rohloff.  

Delite Touring Model

  • The Touring Model features a Sporty Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur gear: highly effective, proven shift technology at a lower price than a hub and belt.
  • Whether it be on fields, in forests, in open meadows or in the city, the lightweight and efficient Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur gear means that riding will be pure pleasure anywhere. The control technology with full suspension and the hydraulic Shimano Deore disc brakes ensure maximum safety.
Delite Nuvinci Model
  • The Nuvinci Model includes a comfortable, continuous NuVinci hub gear, and a Gates belt drive so you are always in the perfect gear: no gaps between shifts, virtually maintenance- and wear-free.  Choose this option to be able to shift to any gear at any time and to avoid the maintenance and repair/replacement requirements found with a standard chain, derailluer and cassette configuration.  
  • Read more about the Nuvinci hub system here.
  • On grand tours or in the city, with the comfortable continuous NuVinci hub gear, you are always in the right gear and on the move. Combined with the Gates belt drive, the gear is virtually maintenance- and wear-free and can be shifted silently. The control technology with full suspension delivers riding pleasure on any terrain. The hydraulic Shimano Deore disc brakes ensure even more safety.
Delite GT Models
  • The GT models feature Schwalbe Super Moto X 62-584 tires, an upgrade from the Schwalbe Almotion 55-584 Reflex on the non-GT models and a highly recommend upgrade if you plan on off-road riding or just want more traction in general
Delite GX Rohloff Model
  • The GX Rohloff model uses an extremely robust Rohloff 14-speed hub gear.  It features an enormous ratio range of up to 520% performance and extremely low maintenance requirements. Static shifting is also possible.  The tires are upgraded to Schwalbe Rock Razor 60-584 for more traction and performance.  It also features the very bright Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25 front LED light - an awesome upgrade.
  • Choose this option to be able to shift to any gear at any time and still experience the same range of gears you would find with a standard derailleur.  Rohloff hubs are well known for their durability and reliability, and can save you money in the long run as you won't have to replace the cassette, derailleur, shifters and chain like a traditional gear system.  They are virtually maintenance free, have equally spaced gear ratios, change gears immediately, and have many other benefits to justify your investment.  You also receive upgraded tires and an awesome eBike specific light, making it a great value!
  • The Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25 Pro offers an automative high beam with 1250 lumens and 99 separately calculated mirrors!

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The Bosch system

Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative – these are the standards to which R&M holds their E-Bikes, as well as all components and especially the drive system. That's why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.

Bosch Drive Unit


Bosch Performance CX motor

The Performance CX is the most powerful Bosch E-Bike motor ever – with pedal assistance of up to 300%, a maximum torque of 75 Nm, very sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance up to 120 rpm. With “Direct Flow” you have a powerful push on the back wheel from speeds of just 20 rpm. Whether it be uphill or on the flat, this acceleration will inspire you. Another highlight in the new Performance CX motor is the eMTB mode, which replaces the previous Sport mode (this is displayed as Sport mode on the Intuvia Display). Here, the progressive motor assistance automatically adapts to the individual riding style regardless of pedal pressure. This ensures optimum assistance at all times, which really pays off on climbs.

Bosch Power Pak 500

Bosch Powerpack 500

With a capacity of 13,4 Ah, this premium lithium-ion battery has an energy reserve of 500 Wh and is designed to be mounted on the carrier. With the Bosch Standard charger provided, the 500 Wh carrier battery is fully charged and ready to be used again in just 4.5 hours. Like all Bosch batteries, it can be removed or charged directly on the bike.

Bosch Intuvia Display

Bosch Intuvia Display

The Intuvia Display gives you full control and a perfect overview at all times. It provides information about battery status, range, daily mileage, total mileage, ride time, current motor power, time, speed and average speed – clearly legible in any level of sunlight. On our automatic E-Bike models, the automatic version of the display also offers an option for controlling the pedal frequency. A USB interface allows MP3 players and mobile phones to be charged while riding too. It is operated via a remote control conveniently mounted on the handlebar grip.




Look forward to the obstacles that line your path.

Only an E-Bike with true full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads – and keeps you in full control. The active rear wheel swing arm, optimised front wheel suspension and co-sprung luggage carrier form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are simply smoothed out. Your luggage is also protected by the frame-mounted, sprung luggage carrier.



Twice the range. Twice the riding pleasure.

Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes with dual battery technology – in other words, by adding a second battery. This steps up battery capacity to 1,000 Wh. Using a charger, both batteries can be charged at the same time. Depending on your needs, you can also use just one battery to go on a ride. Its dual battery technology puts Riese & Müller at the top of its class in terms of riding range.


Simple. Indestructible.

Very clean, totally robust, durable and virtually maintenance-free: the Carbon belt drive from Gates in all Delite nuvinci models. Combined with a perfectly positioned pulley, the belt length and tension always remain constant while subjected to riding-related forces, making a belt tensioner a thing of the past. And who doesn’t like a win-win situation?


A bright future.

Always ride with excellent road illumination thanks to the IQ-X headlamps from busch+müller. Only daylight is brighter than their exceptional brightness of over 100 lux. With its very wide-sweeping and homogeneous large-area illumination of the street, you won’t miss a thing. They are operated via the Bosch display, while the energy is supplied via the battery.


Steal success from thieves.

With the ABUS Bordo 90 cm folding lock, the bike can be secured to virtually anything. It locks simultaneously with the battery lock, which means you only need one key for your bike and the battery.


With no holder, there’s no holding back.

The E-Bike features two water bottles, but without a single holder attached. This technical feat is revolutionary. And it even comes standard on the GT and GX models. The front cover plate of the frame is equipped with two plastic pegs on each side, both left and right, specially designed for direct mounting of the cageless water bottles from Fabric. It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to keeping two bottles within perfect reach during a ride. There are no two bottles easier to keep within perfect reach.

R&M Delite Options:

Bag in easy reach.

The frame bag can be clipped into a free battery mount if you're only using one battery. This enables you to safely store everything you'd otherwise keep in your trouser pocket and concentrate fully on riding.

Air suspension upgrade

Air Suspension Upgrade

Upgrade to the Fox Float 34 Performance Air.

R&M Delite Specifications:

Frame colour pearl white*; solar orange metallic *; urban grey metallic *
Suspension fork Suntour Aion, Air, tapered, 100mm; Optional: Fox Float 34 Performance, Air, 100mm*
Rear shock X-Fusion O2; Optional: Fox Float DPS Performance 3 Pos.*
Headset Acros AZX-220, tapered, block lock
Seatpost Satori Trident
Seatclamp Kalloy SC-201, 40,0 mm
Tires Schwalbe Almotion 55-584 Reflex; GT: Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex; GX: Schwalbe Rock Razor 60-584
Tubes Schwalbe SV21
Rims Mach1 650, 27,5"' GT/GX: Alex MD40, 27,5"
Spokes Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, inox ( 16x )
Front hub Novatec, QR
Rear hub Touring: Novatec Boost, QR; Nuvinci:Nuvinci N380SE, 36 hole ; Rohloff: Rohloff Speedhub, 14-speed
Battery Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh*; Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh ( 2x )*
Motor Bosch Performance CX, 20 mph (32 km/h)
Display Bosch Intuvia
Crankset FSA/Riese & Müller, 170 mm
Chain ring Touring: 18T; Nuvinci: 26T, for Gates drive belt CDX; Rohloff: 22T
Chain guard Miranda; Nuvinci: FSA W1129
Chain Touring: KMC X11 ( 113x ); Nuvinci: Gates drive belt CDX; Rohloff: KMC X1 ( 99x )
Cassette Shimano SLX 11-speed, 11-42; Nuvinci: 28T, for Gates drive belt CDX; Rohloff:Rohloff, 18T
Saddle Ergon SMC4-L Sport Gel
Pedals VP-183
Shifting system Shimano Deore XT Shadow+, 11-speed / Nuvinci N380 / Rohloff SpeedHub
Shifter Touring: Shimano SLX, 11-speed; Nuvinci: NuVinci N380 grip shift, continuou ; Rohloff: Rohloff grip shift
Handlebar Humpert ergotec ErgoXXL, 31,8 mm
Stem Humpert ergotec Charisma, 90 mm, 20°
Grips Ergon ergonomic
Brakes Shimano Deore XT, disc brake
Front light Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ-X E; GX Rohloff: Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25
Tail light Busch & Müller Toplight Mini LED
Mudguards SKS mountain 60; GT/GX: SKS 65; SKS B65 R
Luggage rack Riese & Müller
Rubber Bibia
Bell Billy
Kickstand Pletscher Comp 40 Flex
Lock ABUS Bordo Plus
Frame height [cm] 49 cm*; 54 cm*; 56 cm*

R&M Delite Geometry:

AFrame height495456
E Top tube length [cm] 58 61 64
D Reach [cm] 39,5 42 45
C Stack [cm] 61 61.5 61.5
  Head tube angle [°] 67 67 67
  Seat tube angle [°] 73 73 73
  Trail [mm] 101 101 101
F Wheelbase [cm] 119 122 125
G Bottom bracket height [cm] 31 31 31
  Top tube height [cm] 74 75 75
B Stand-over height [cm] 82 82 82
  Chainstay length [cm] 50.5 50.5 50.5
  Wheel size [''] 27.5 27.5 27.5
  Head tube length [mm] 125 135 135
  Front suspension travel [mm] 100 100 100
  Effective rear suspension travel [mm] 100 100 100
  Rear shock length [mm] 165 165 165
  Front shock mounting width [mm] 58 58 58
  Rear shock mounting width [mm] 22 22 22
  Front shock locking screw 8 8 8
  Rear shock locking screw 8 8 8
  Suspension ratio 2.7 2.7 2.7
  Gear ratio [m] Touring: 2.3,8.8; Nuvinci: 2.5-9.48; GT Touring: 2.35-8.96
GT Nuvinci: 2.54-9.66; Rohloff: 1.84-9.82
  Weight [kg]: Touring/Nuvinci/GT Touring/GT Nuvinci/GX Rohloff 26.5/27.4/27.5/28.5/28 26.6/27.5/27.6/28.6/28.1 26.7/27.6/27.7/28.7/28.2
  Weight [lbs] 58/60/61/63/62 59/61/61/63/62 59/61/61/63/62
  Gross vehicle weight rating [kg] 140 140 140
  Weight rating: Luggage rack [kg] 20 20 20
  Weight rating: Handlebar bag/basket [kg] 3 3 3
  Childseat compatibility yes yes yes
  Trailer compatibility: Single wheel/single attachment point no no no
  Trailer compatibility: Two wheel/single attachment point yes yes yes
  Compatibility: Bike-Trailer (through hub/quick release attachment) yes yes yes

Riese & Müller Pedelecs are also known as Riese & Mueller eBikes, Riese and Muller or R&M electric bikes.  They are custom made by hand in Germany and are configured to meet your requirements.  You can read more or compare the various R&M eBike models here.



Brand Riese & Mueller
Motor Manufacturer Bosch
Battery Size 500WH


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