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Hase Kettwiesel Cross Steps

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The recumbent all-terrain trike, the off-road delta, or the daredevil of the HASE BIKES family – this is the CROSS. The KETTWIESEL CROSS.
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Kettwiesel Cross Steps

Hase are available in both “Top Seller” configurations such as this one, or they can be custom configured in Germany to meet your requirements.  If you wish to have a custom Hase product made with other options such as a more powerful Shimano Steps EP-8 motor, different drive train options, please contact us and we can help you choose the best options for your needs.

Hase offers many accessories and adaptive solutions that aren’t shown on our website.  Please contact us for details.

Assembly and shipping charges are not included in the price.

(Electric trikes or eTrikes are also known as electric tricycles.)


  • Very agile, smooth-riding
  • Excellent stability thanks to low center of gravity
  • Full suspension
  • Usable in tandem and as a trailer
  • Hase Bikes Differential
  • E-motor


Top Seller:

Shimano STEPS EP8 (85 Nm of torque), Full Suspension, Foldable, Hase Bikes 11speed linear derailleur - Shimano cassette 11-42, Shimano bar-end shifters,  Differential, coupled brakes, right lever actuates hydraulic brakes on rear wheels, left lever, mechanical brake on front wheel.

Hase Kettwiesel Winter Test Ride:

Hase Kettwiesel Overview - Review Coming Soon:

Hase Tandem Trikes Video:

The KETTWIESEL CROSS STEPS: the delta trike for up and down and whoopee!

The recumbent all-terrain trike, the off-road delta, or the daredevil of the HASE BIKES family – this is the CROSS. The KETTWIESEL CROSS. 

Recumbent trike with a license for off-road

The yellow bullet with the knobby treads sails serenely over roots and rocks, carves up the tightest corners, and keeps the squirrels watching safely from the trees. Be it off-road thrills in the forest or insane challenges at the bike park, one thing is clear: the fun-seeking CROSS has a nose for the road less traveled! 

Also typical KETTWIESEL: for riders with special needs and/or off-road genes, there are all kinds of special pedals and accessories! As a delta trike, the CROSS is also perfect for turning on a dime, parking upright, and hitching up for tandem fun. 


Downhill with special derailleur and suspension

Bombing downhill, leaning into corners, testing your limits: this is the off-roader’s raison d’être. And good equipment is everything. The CROSS has an extremely sporty chassis and keeps its cool on the gnarliest stretches – thanks to the independent wheel suspension with sway bar and special air shocks. 

Bottoming on jump landings? Ouch. This is why we custom-developed our own HASE BIKESlinear derailleur for the CROSS. It has more ground clearance than standard derailleur cages. The 11-speed system made from CNC-machined aluminum is sophisticated, but not finicky. It’s also very forgiving of shifting mistakes. Sound good? It’s out of this world! 

Uphill with differential and top traction

Surrender to that steep, pebbly slope? Not this trike! Every CROSS comes with a differential, which transmits power to both rear wheels. And the tires almost never lose traction, because – with a delta – the rider’s weight is over the rear axle. 

Riders who can’t or would rather not rely on pure muscle power can switch on the Shimano Steps mid-motor any time they need a little energy boost. The smooth and quiet system is seamlessly integrated into the bottom bracket and helps you rocket up the ascents. 

Easy transport with foldable frame

Sure, you can ride your CROSS over asphalt. But if that’s not exciting enough, the station wagon will also take you and your CROSS from challenge to challenge. Thanks to the ingenious folding mechanism, three quick steps is all it takes to transform the trike into a compact unit measuring a maximum of 38 inches (96 cm) that fits easily into the trunk. Awesome, isn’t it?

Kettwiesel Cross Steps Specifications:



Brand Hase
Motor Manufacturer Shimano
Motor Model E6100
Battery Size 500WH


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