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An eBike is an investment that can actually save you money in the long run.  When you bike instead of using your car, not only are you benefiting the environment, but you are saving money and improving your health.

I can’t get rid of my car entirely, but for our family of four, our eBikes have saved us from having to buy a second vehicle!  Not only does this save on the upfront costs of a second vehicle, but it also saves us the associated costs and headaches of owning a second vehicle.

Buying an electric bike is a smart way to spend your money.  Here’s how an eBike can save you money:

  • Gas Savings – it only costs a few cents to charge your eBike battery and most eBikes pay for themselves in fuel savings alone!
  • Maintenance – maintenance on an electric bike is much cheaper and simpler than a vehicle!  Every time you ride your bike, you are reducing the operating costs of your vehicle.
  • Insurance – adding a bike to your home owner’s or renters insurance is less than 10% of the insurance on a vehicle and there usually isn’t even a deductible when you add it as a scheduled item.
  • Time saving – I can get to our local grocery store faster on my bike than in my car – especially since I don’t have to find a parking spot for my bike!
  • Parking – have you ever paid to park your bike?!
  • Health costs – be honest, how often do you ride your regular bike?  I ride far more frequently, and go much further than I normally would with my eBike.  It has made me a lot healthier – I can’t put a price on that.
  • Car loans – not only do you save on the ongoing expenses of owning and operating a vehicle, but you also save on the interest of car loans.
  • Gym memberships – why go to the gym, when you can ride your bike?
  • Recreation savings – when I have some spare time, I ride my bike – it is fun, and a cheap form of entertainment.  With my eBike I can explore back-roads and restaurants I never knew existed and go on more difficult and longer trips than I would normally try.

Owning an eBike can save you money, is great for the environment, and can improve your health - but the real reason?  Having fun!

 Scott Commuter Bike