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Pannier Racks

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  • Basil MIK Cento Aluminum Rear Basket

    The Basil Cento Alu Multi System Nordlicht is a detachable, aluminium bike basket in a matt black colour. This stylish rear basket features soft grip handles for comfort. Learn More

  • Benno Mini Front Tray

    Mini front tray for For Boost E, For eJoy and Carry On. Learn More

  • Benno Utility Front Rack

    Lightweight aluminum rack with a maximum load of 25kg/55lbs Learn More

  • Evo Backcountry HT Seatpost Rack

    With the Evo Backcountry HT Seapost rack, you can easily add a rack to your mountain bike for commuting or touring, and then remove it for hitting the trails.

    Learn More

  • Ortlieb QL3 / QL3.1 Mounting Set for Rear Rack

    For all models with the QL3 or QL3.1 system. Learn More

  • Shortbed Tray for Tern GSD

    The super-handy Tern Shortbed Tray makes it easy to bring stuff along on the back of your GSD!  You can orient it either way and easily stack boxes or crates.

    Learn More

  • Sidekick Bars for Tern GSD

    Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for GSD passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two. Learn More

  • Sidekick Lower Deck for Tern GSD

    The Sidekick Lower Deck adds a pair of lower shelves to the GSD. It works as a convenient foot-rest for passenger, and extra storage space for cargo.

    Learn More

  • Spartan Rack 100mm for Tern GSD

    The Spartan Rack is built from large-gauge tubular aluminum for strength and stiffness and features a very low-center-of-gravity for excellent stability when loaded with panniers. The adjustable mounting system allows the rack to be fitted to the front of Tern bikes.

    Learn More

  • Tern Hauler Rack, Front

    The Hauler Rack is the Goldilocks of our front racks: Big enough to carry a whole lot of cargo but small enough to let you maneuver the bike with ease, it is just the right size for the Tern GSD and HSD. Learn More

  • Tern Kanga Rack

    The Kanga rack is designed for your stuff — backpack, laptop bag, or bag of groceries. An ingenious KlickFix™ strap system adjusts to bags or packages of all shapes and sizes and cinches them tight. The Kanga connects directly to the frame through the Tern Luggage Truss so heavy loads can be carried without affecting steering which is typical with fork or handlebar-mounted panniers and bags. When it’s not needed, push a button and the Kanga detaches. Works with Tern 20” and 24” bicycles. Not compatible with Tern Joe-series bikes.

    Learn More

  • Tern Luggage Truss

    Attach bags, baskets, and racks to the front of a Tern bike. Our Luggage Truss™ cleverly attaches cargo to the frame of your bike rather than the fork or handlebar—so that your cargo doesn’t affect steering. Fabricated from rugged aluminum, the Luggage Truss is extremely stiff and can hold loads up to 7 kg (15 lb). Learn More

  • Tern Luggage Truss CMT

    The Luggage Truss CMT lets you mount cargo on the bike frame instead of the front fork, for improved steering stability and a wobble-free ride. Compatible only with Tern bikes equipped with the robust Combo Mount—such as the GSD, HSD and the BYB. Learn More

  • Tern Pack Rack

    The Pack Rack mounts directly on the bike frame instead of the front fork, so you can strap your bag or backpack to the rack and enjoy a stable ride with great maneuverability even when carrying heavy loads. And if you have a BYB, the front tube of the Pack Rack also works as a handle when trolleying the folded bike. Learn More

  • Tern Rapid Transit Rack

    The Rapid Transit Rack makes it easy to ride to work every day, by solving the biggest hassle with folding bikes: navigating the metro when folded. Fold your bike in seconds, bag it, and push it effortlessly. Your multimodal commute will be fast and seamless.

    Learn More

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