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eBike Service

We know you love your bike, and our service department is here to help you take care of it.

Purchased your bike at Citrus Cycles?

Congratulations!  If you’ve purchased your eBike from Citrus Cycles, you qualify for our exclusive Service Plans designed to keep your bike in top condition.

Purchased your bike elsewhere?

In order to provide the best possible service to customers that have purchased bikes from us, we are currently unable to accept new service customers. Our service department is currently available exclusively to our customers.

Purchased your eBike from us? Schedule an Appointment

Please note that if you did not purchase your bike from us, your appointment will be cancelled as we can only provide service to customers that purchased bikes from us.

eBike Tune-Up

Included in our eBike Tune-Up Package:

  • Clean your bike
  • Inspection to check for wear or damage
  • Check bolts proper torque
  • Check tire pressure and adjust
  • Light wheel true and tension check (on bike)
  • Chain wear inspection and lubrication
  • Check and adjust tension on chain/belt
  • Derailleur function adjusted including high/low limit adjustments
  • Inspect and tighten Bosch lock ring
  • Brake adjustments and inspection
  • Cup/cone style tension adjustments
  • Where applicable: Bosch eBike inspection, update and diagnostic report
  • Wheels are removed and tension checked, light true
  • Drivetrain is removed, cleaned and lubricated where applicable (chain/cassette/cranks)
  • Where applicable: mid-drive motor is inspected, worn parts replaced as necessary and regreased (cost of parts not included)