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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call (1-888-342-0102) or e-mail if your questions aren't answered here!

Can I try an eBike before I purchase it?

Yes, of course!  We would love for you to try our eBikes - they are so much fun!  You can come to us, or we will come to you.  You can also do a rental if you want to try one for a longer period of time.

Come to us: You can contact us or book an appointment on-line to make an appointment to come try any of our eBikes here in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, BC.  We've got some great paths and trails to try them on.

We come to you:  With our mobile service we can bring to you the eBikes or eTrikes you want to try.  There is no fee for this service, we simply ask for a small deposit that you can use towards whichever eBike you decide to purchase.  This service is available on a scheduled basis for the South Island, North Island, Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Sunshine Coast and Sea to Sky.  Contact us for details on our Try At Home schedule in your region.

Rentals: In addition to our two options for trying eBikes we also offer rentals on some of our eBikes.

Should I make an appointment?

Yes, to get the most from your visit we require that you make an appointment.  We want to give you our undivided attention while we listen to your needs and provide the best advice and information on eBikes.  We want you to have lots of time to go for a ride and answer any questions you have.  Scheduling an appointment is the best way to make sure we can do this for you.   We often have same day appointments available.

Where can I ride my eBike and do I need a license?

All of the pedal assist electric bicycles we carry are considered bicycles under Canadian law.  They are not considered motorized vehicles, and as a result, they can go anywhere a bicycle can go.  You will not need a license, nor do you need to register the bicycle or hold any sort of insurance.  We do recommend adding your electric bicycle to your home owner or renters insurance, or purchase a bicycle insurance policy.

Do I need to completely drain the battery before charging?

No, all of the eBikes we carry have sophisticated battery management systems, so we recommend you charge your battery after every ride.  That way it is full charged, ready for your next adventure!

Can I ride my eBike in the rain?

Yes, of course.  We only offer high quality eBikes that are weather proof.  We have seen some “cheap” eBikes that are obviously not designed for getting wet, but you won’t have any problems with the electric assist bikes we sell.  Keep in mind that you should avoid submerging your bike, so try to stay out of the lake or the ocean.

Where can I get service on my eBike?

The electrical components of your eBike do not require any service.  Should you need warranty assistance, we are happy to assist you, or make arrangements for you to receive assistance at a local bike shop if you are not nearby.  Everything else on your eBike are standard bike components that can be serviced at any bike shop.

Do you ship to the US or outside of Canada?

We currently do not ship to the US or outside of Canada. You are welcome to come pick up your eBike here on beautiful Vancouver Island, or arrange for someone to pick it up on your behalf, but we cannot ship to the US or other international destinations at this time.