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Battery Cover

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Keep you battery warm and cosy during colder weather and it will thank you by providing better range!
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The Frame Mount and Rack Mount battery covers are specifically designed for Bosch batteries.  However, the Integrated Battery Cover will work with most integrated batteries, including Bosch PowerTube, Shimano Steps, Brose, etc. The dimensions of the Integrated Battery Cover unfolded are 30 cm x 54 cm.

What do I need a battery cover for?
The regular working temperature of a battery is above 20 degrees Celsius. If the outside temperature is below that, an insulation of the battery helps keep it warm . The self-heating of the battery while discharging will remain inside and lift the increase the working temperature. This may increase your range.
Please note: If you park your bike in cold environment self-heating will not raise the internal temperature. To create the best effect, make sure that the battery is always stored and charged inside.  Shortly before starting your ride put it onto your bike with cover on. That ensures the self-heating of the battery can be held inside and provide a superior internal temperature.



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