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Bosch Smartphone Hub Retrofit Kit

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Smarter eBiking: The SmartphoneHub uses the smartphone and the COBI.Bike app to transform the pedelec into a fully connected eBike.
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The Bosch Smartphone Hub retrofit kit allows you to upgrade to the Smartphone Hub on your Bosch e-bike with the Purion, Intuvia, Nyon or Kiok display. We recommend that an authorized Bosch eBike retailer, such as CitrusCycles.ca install the retrofit kit for you, as it will require removal of the existing display wiring to the drive unit and replacing it with the new wiring.  Please contact us for further details.

Hub includes:

* Smartphone Universal mount
* Smartphone Compact control unit (cable: 350 mm)
* Smartphone Drive unit cable 1500 mm mounting kit
* Rubber spacer (25.4 mm, 31.8 mm, 35.0 mm)
* Mounting material

Intelligence on your handlebar

The SmartphoneHub transforms the pedelec into a fully networked eBike and part of digital life: it offers live weather forecasts that allow riders to stay dry when touring the countryside, fitness tracking on the training track and music streaming for the perfect soundtrack. The smartphone and COBI.Bike app turn the SmartphoneHub into an intelligent control centre that can be used for navigation, recording activities and connection to other services – a major step in the direction of connected biking. The eBike can also be started and ridden without a smartphone. The integrated display in the SmartphoneHub shows the most important riding data. That way eBikers remain flexible at all times – no matter where the route takes them.

SmartphoneHub features

The SmartphoneHub and the COBI.Bike app connect the eBike to the digital world - from navigation, music streaming, fitness tracking, of phoning to the integration of other services and apps such as Strava or komoot if they wish. 

Intelligent solution
The combination of SmartphoneHub, COBI.Bike app and smartphone creates a completely connected riding experience. At the same time, the eBiker enjoys maximum flexibility and can use his eBike with or without a smartphone connected. 

Integrated display
The pedelec can also be controlled without a smartphone using the 1.52-inch LC display integrated in the SmartphoneHub. The display shows the most important riding data. 

The separate control unit enables eBikers to control all functions easily, safely and comfortably from the handlebar.

The COBI.Bike app points the way - with optional 2D or 3D map view. The navigation instructions are also issued by voice output. 

Live weather
The carefree way to cruise through the countryside: up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and precise weather data ensure that eBikers are always well-informed thanks to the COBI.Bike app. 

Training partner
The COBI.Bike app turns the smartphone into a personal trainer by connecting to fitness and health services like Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava and komoot.

Fitness data
The COBI.Bike app gives eBikers a permanent overview of the most important training data. such as performance, cadence and calorie consumption; this information can also be played back at the press of a button. It is also possible to connect a heart rate monitor. 

The easy way to listen to your favourite music or the latest thriller: The COBI.Bike app allows eBikers access to music and audio book streaming services, such as Spotify or Audible, which can be conveniently operated by remote control. 

Information is always easy to read, whether on the smartphone display or on the display integrated in the SmartphoneHub. 

Charging function
The smartphone can be connected to the SmartphoneHub and conveniently powered from the eBike battery. 

Get started: The eBike can be operated intuitively with the smartphone and is designed for easy handling thanks to the control unit and voice output.

Wireless update
Always up-to-date: software updates for the SmartphoneHub can be installed with ease using wireless technology with the help of the COBI.Bike app. 

Additional SmartphoneHub features

  • The easy way to get started: The Quick Start Guide helps users access the most important functions of the SmartphoneHub and the COBI.Bike app in just a few steps.
  • Keeping hands on the handlebar: The voice output means that eBikers no longer have to look at the display - whether while navigating or changing functions. 
  • Fast route planning: by saving their favourite places, eBikers can reach their destinations even faster. 
  • Selecting route profiles: riders can choose between the fastest, shortest and quietest route.
  • Optional mount: special smartphone cases are available for iPhone owners. 
  • The easy way to stay up to date: The SmartphoneHub is updated directly via the COBI.Bike app. 
  • Service: A display provides information about the next service appointment. Software updates and fault diagnostics for the other components can be performed by the dealer using the DiagnosticTool. 
  • Walk assistance: This function, which can be activated in two steps, helps you push your eBike at speeds of up to 6 km/h – whether you're carrying luggage aboard or not, or if you're overcoming obstacles. 
  • Light: You can turn the light on and off using the system's control unit. 


Staying connected with your life and your friends - smart connectivity means this is also possible while cycling. The SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike app connect your eBike to your digital world. The smart features of the app mean you'll also have your music and contacts on the go. You can track your fitness, share your routes or use reliable navigation services. Always up-to-date in the years ahead: the smartphone and apps are constantly evolving, which is why the connectivity options are constantly being developed, becoming even more varied with updates and new features. The SmartphoneHub works with all standard handlebars and modern smartphones. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the SmartphoneHub turns your smartphone into a multifunctional cockpit and your pedelec into a smart connected eBike.

Smarter eBiking                                    
The SmartphoneHub uses the COBI.Bike app to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The app provides you with a modern, fully integrated control center - with real-time fitness data, ride planning and recording options, as well as voice output. Motor data and battery range are also displayed in real time. This keeps you connected to the digital world.





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